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This site/blog is being torn down and moved.

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Small Break, Ear Infection

Hey everyone,

Please don’t be mad at me. I know I’m way behind on the 12 Days of Christmas Series. I even took down the 2 fics I had for it.

I had every intention of doing the series. However, I’ve been sick lately. I know an ear infection isn’t life threatening lol. But it’s painful, and when you’re in pain you have trouble concentrating. Not to mention being sleep deprived from the pain.

For now, I wont be writing until this infection is gone. I just can’t concentrate on any story.

I’m sorry all. Please be patient!

–Jenna Tee

No Set Schedule

Lately people have been asking over and over again if I’m going to update or when I’m going to update….

I don’t have a set schedule for updating. I don’t want to put pressure on myself by having a schedule unless I’m doing a contest. I write because I love it. I choose to share it with people but I refuse to be on a schedule.

Here’s what I’m going to do from now on. If I’m writing a multi-chapter story, I will post the first chapter to see how you all like it and if I should keep it going. After that first chapter you won’t see another one until the story it COMPLETE. After that point I will post a chapter a week but only when the story is COMPLETE.

Currently, I don’t have any stories that are complete so you’ll have to be patient.

–Jenna Tee

Twilight/Harry Potter Crossover Poll

Heya Lovelies. I’ve been semi working on an idea for a Twilight/Harry Potter fic. I’d like you guys to vote below on who Bella should be paired with. There are only two choices for this one, so choose one of the two please. Rabastan LeStrange or Fenrir Greyback. Bella will be evil in this one.

Sneak-peak/Preview – The Fall of A Sparrow

This is a True Blood Fanfic that I adopted from Paige Elise Hale. This is unedited. It’s an Alcide/OFC fanfic.

A gunshot was heard. A sparrow fell to the ground.

Alcide, who was in wolf form, smelled the blood. He sniffed around until he saw a bleeding sparrow. He could hear the footfalls and a pack of wolves running away, along with human foot falls. The sparrow shifted into a young woman. Alcide growled at the thought that someone could do this to a young woman. He watched as the woman shifted into a dog, then a rabbit, then a sparrow, and so on. She just kept shifting. He sighed, and shifted into his human form. He picked up the still shifting woman. It made it difficult to carry her, but he didn’t have his cell phone on him to call Sam. He held the woman bridal style as much as he could, and ran towards Sam’s trailer. He got to the edge of the woods, and gently laid the woman down, then ran to Sam’s door, and knocked on it.

Sam opened the door and saw a naked Alcide standing there. He immediately looked away.

“Sam, I found a woman in the woods a few miles back. She was shot in sparrow form. She just keeps shifting. I brought her here. She’s at the edge of the woods.” Alcide explained.

“Ok, take me to her.” Sam said, stepping outside and shutting his door.

Alcide led him to the woman. Sam sat down on the ground next to the still shifting woman. He placed his hand on her head and whispered “Cher, I need you to shift back to your true form, so we can help you.”

She shifted back to her human form, and whimpered, trembling in pain.

“Shh..We’re going to help you.” Sam whispered, running his fingers through her hair to sooth her. He stood up and picked her up bridal style and carried her back to his trailer, with Alcide following him.

When they got back to Sam’s place, Alcide opened the door for him. Sam carried the woman inside and laid her on the couch.

“There’s some sweats in my dresser somewhere you can use.” Sam told Alcide as he walked to the kitchen, and opened a cabinet pulling out a big first aid kit.

While Sam tended to the woman, Alcide went in search for clothes for him and the woman. He found some sweats for himself and pulled them on. He found a pair of boxers and a button up shirt for the woman.

When he walked out of the bedroom with the clothes in hand for the woman. Sam was digging the bullet out of the girls shoulder. She was crying out and thrashing in pain. Alcide quickly went to her to help hold her down, apologizing to her over and over for hurting her more.

“We’re almost done sweetheart. He needs to pull out the bullet and stitch you up.” Alcide whispered to her before she passed out from the pain.

Star-crossed Twilight

This was written for ‘Out of this World’ contest.

I decided to do a crossover. Twilight/Star-crossed. Star-crossed was a TV show that ended after one season, or maybe half a season? But I liked it. The pairing is Bella/Roman. Hope you enjoy. More chapters to come later!

Charlie and Bella move to Edendale, Louisiana. On Bella’s first day of school she sees people bullying Sophia, Roman’s sister. Roman, who was still hurting over Emery’s betrayal, immediately takes an interest in Bella, especially after seeing the bite mark on her wrist.

Chapter 1


Charming Outlaw’s Angel

This was written for Kittyinaz’s Writing Challenge August 2016: Outlaws and Angels. Bella moves in with Charlie when a werewolf pack in Arizona won’t leave her alone. Now the Cullen’s and the Quileute wolf pack is stalking her in Forks, Washington. Charlie sends her to live with some friends in Charming to protect her. Why are they stalking her?

Crossover: Twilight/Sons of Anarchy

Pairing: Bella/Jax

Chapter 1 – Moving to Charming

I won!

Yay me! I won Kittyinaz’s Writing Challenge August 2016! This is a first for me, so I might be a little excited! 😀

Just so you know, I am working on finishing the fic. What I entered into the contest was just a start. I will post it when it’s done. However, for now, I will post the link to my entry and you can read through that.

Charming Outlaw’s Angel

Also, For some reason, I have been having a craving for Twilight Wolfpack/Bella pairing fics. Along with Bella/OC fics. I want to see/write one where she is dating humans! So, Amoung my many projects, I am also working on building characters for the story ideas I have. I will be asking for the help from my beta readers on the characters to see if they like them before I use them. So, get ready ladies!